Welcome to Poet

A warm welcome to our little corner of the world, where happiness is everything. A home is not just a house, its an honest expression of yourself. A fulfilled home plays a big part in creating comfort around you while building your own breathing space. That very comfort leads to joy. That's why we at POET make designs that are tailored to your taste. Have it exactly the way you want it. Your Home Your Way.

Let our journey begin...

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New Collections

Welcome to our latest collections of original design. Inviting fresh perspectives and exciting new beginnings. Our newest range is here, featuring original designs crafted by the best minds, handmade with excellent craftsmanship. Explore beautiful new ranges below and immerse yourself in a world of new possibilities, made just for you. Come explore us…

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Made to last, made for you

Creating designs that you love is our lifelong mission .Our collections are made from high quality wood & fabrics materials, tailor-made and perfected into beautiful timeless designs. This way, authentic details and long-lasting pieces are achieved. We work with nature’s finest elements. From FSC certified wood to sustainable OEKO fabrics and traceable leathers. Sustainability is an important journey for us, and we want to embark on this conscious path with a great emphasis, without compromising on quality and functionality. All items go through a stringent quality inspection to ensure it meets the highest standard. Every single design in our collections come with a 5-year warranty and lots of love.

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High Quality
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Building a
Better World
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5 Years Warranty
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Home is where it starts

POET is a proud child of Malaysia. We produce our items locally, with the support of vastly experienced artisans and designers with both local and international appeal. Our home and its people provide the greatest inspiration for everything we do.

This multiethnic approach inspires us to constantly spice up designs and innovate new icons. Everyday, we’re inspired to come up with something extraordinary that is rooted to our culture and its people. That's why we would like to keep traditions alive by supporting good craftsmanship while inviting the young to join us on this journey. With support from the local economy, we want to refine our craftsmanship and the ability to cater to your hearts' very desire. Nothing echoes louder and prouder than ‘Made in Malaysia’. World class designs, world class quality - made here, made just for you.

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The minds behind

It all starts here. At the heart of what we do, you’ll find our designers. A group of talented, passionate and creative people - all of whom derive great joy from helping you bring beauty and new experiences into your home. We share a mutual love for New Nordic designs. Behind every single piece there is a brilliant mind. No matter in what part of the world they live and breathe, we all share the same passion for Scandinavian design. While we are dedicated to bringing functionality to your homes, our designers embrace their own culture and background while creating beautiful designs for you.

Get to know us...

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We Create
Tailor Made Designs
High Quality Finishes

Poet Professional

We’re ready to help you build your dream home. Your personal sanctuary. Inspiration can come from something as simple as a sketch, a photograph or from a page of a home decor magazine. Whether you are a professional designer or just have an eye for quality, our consultation process gives you a roadmap to the ideal custom furniture piece. The possibilities are endless.

Get in touch with us

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How to pick the right sofa?

A couch or sofa is a major furniture investment, and one you may live with for decades, so it's important to make a good decision. Style preferences are a personal matter, but when it comes to choosing a good-quality sofa, there are objective criteria you can use to ensure you're getting a sofa you can be happy with for many years.

Stay tuned to our Lifestyle page coming soon - filled with tips & tricks to make your home just the way you want it.

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We Are Here For You

We exist to help you create your personal home. A space that is unique as you are. Because when we express our true individuality, our lives become extraordinary. We’re ready to help you achieve that. In-consultations at our showroom or over the phone, we would collaborate with you to come up with a vision for the finished piece. Inspiration can come from something as simple as a sketch, a photograph or from a page of a home décor magazine. Whether you are a professional designer or just have an eye for quality, our consultation gives you a roadmap to your ideal furniture piece. Talk to us about an idea you have for creating the perfect piece for your collection. Drop us a message & we will journey through your dream designs and turn them into a reality. Let us help you live extraordinarily.

Contact us

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