About POET

We always believe that good design is everyone’s right. Hence why we decided to create living experiences that are made just for you. Inspired by the people around us, we strive to deliver what you want, exactly the way you want it. These are timeless designs that are tailored to suit your home. Absolutely no compromises on that. We inspire to explore a vast array of possibilities, collaborating with some of the greatest minds in the industry today. It is this passion that took us beyond just the ordinary. This extraordinary journey we take with you is what we cherish the most.

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Meet Our Founder

Peter grew up in a furniture family business in Denmark. He has been involved in the furniture industry for more than 40 years, doing retail, wholesale, manufacturing, projects such as hotels, offices and homes. Peter fell in love with Malaysia the minute he arrived here more than 25 years ago. He also found his wonderful wife here. Peter is extremely passionate about furniture and the development of different businesses within this category but POET has a very special place in his heart as he is realising his long dream of tailor making homes with the unique wishes each home creator is looking for.

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Our Journey

We give you designs that speak close to your heart. These pieces tell remarkable stories & hold memories behind their journey right from the start to its final destination - your home. We innovate designs that are meant to bring lasting joy. Hence, the birth of POET in 2019. Inspired from the world of Scandinavia, straight to you. It truly matters to us that you’re happy at home.

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Meet Our Designers

At the heart of what we do, you’ll find our designers. A group of talented, passionate and creative people - all of whom derive great joy from helping you bring beauty and new experiences into your home. We share a mutual passion for New Nordic designs, creating unique pieces that are built to last. Behind every single design there is a passionate and creative mind. No matter in what part of the world we live and breathe, we all share the same passion for Scandinavian design. Dedicated to bring functionality to your homes, our designers embrace their own culture and background while creating beautiful designs for you. Get to know them

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POET Awards

Every year since our inception, we have strived to challenge ourselves and our world of design. We believe that something extraordinary is created in the intersection between tradition and innovation. And that new designs are the future of the industry. That's why we're unbelievably proud to receive recognitions for some of our flagships like the B-POOL, NOON & TUXEDO

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Our Services

In our minds, we are more than just a furniture store. We want to be more. A one stop solution to your dream home. From tailored & custom options to Interior Design services - we got you covered.

Tailor Making
With a huge variety of sizes and variations & hundreds of fabric options and a range of finishes - we have no doubt in our ability to find the perfect match for you. Our goal is to help you create your own silent retreat, creative space and beautiful surroundings.
Custom Made
We deliver custom designed furniture based on your preference and requirements. Our professional furniture designers can design customized furniture that meets your individual and specific requirements.
Interior Design
We work together with you, understanding your priority and individual style you want to achieve for your home. From concept boards and sketches, floor and furniture plans, we give you detailed insights to achieve your dream.
We are now available online for all your furniture needs. Get in touch with our dynamic team and let us guide you through the world of POET. Drop us a message at your convenience and we shall get to you at once.

Handmade Quality

Why do we insist on using the best materials, when lesser-quality substitutes cost less? The answer is in the next few words you see — “beauty,” “strength” and “durability.” We want you to enjoy the gorgeous look of your furniture every time you walk into the room and the incredible feel whenever you use it. And, frankly, we want to earn the respect and the trust of people who appreciate the value of highly tailored, crafted, wonderfully functional works of art.

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With a 5 year warranty

We only work with the best minds and materials. This combined with genuine craftsmanship and honest materials result in quality, hard-wearing furniture. That is why we always give you a 5 years warranty on all designs. When we marry our designs with refined craftsmanship, it results in high-quality, hard-wearing furniture. They are only good to go after going through a stringent quality check. Our 5 year warranty covers any manufacturing defect on the products you buy from POET for private use. Applicable to the items you purchase via our online website or directly via our stores. If you purchase a floor model or an imperfect item, the warranty will also cover it but naturally it will not cover the existing defects when you inspect the item.

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People of Extraordinary Talent

In fact our name, P.O.E.T. stands for People of Extraordinary Talent. POET is the love shared by our growing ecosystem of passionate artisans , talented designers and growing supply chain who all share the same passion for New Nordic designs.. We  join hands with bold and forward thinking individuals who support this dream of ours and transcend beyond just professional collaboration. We humbly welcome you to be a part of our little love story and take an exciting journey with us towards creating better homes for people.

New Nordic +

Scandinavian design are all about simplicity, and functionality. Imagine the possibilities if we could add a little POET touch to it? We give you NEW NORDIC+ a design concept  with an added twist to the world of Scandinavian living. A style we'd like to proudly call ours. All our originally designed furniture -  timeless design pieces that sets itself apart and connects to your very soul. It is our ambition to originate new perspectives on new Nordic designs inspired by the current generation.

Building a Better World

Sustainability starts with building lasting designs & quality. Hence we start where it really matters. We only work with nature’s finest materials. From FSC-certified wood, to sustainable OEKO ocean fabrics, traceable leathers and recycled materials. Produced with the highest quality standards. We use sustainable materials which are 100% free of hazardous chemicals, produced with minimal environmental impact. This eco-friendly approach allows you to use our furniture with a good conscience.

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a Sustainable Journey

Our designs are made to order. This sustainable method helps us to optimize production capacities, usage of warehouse spaces and transportation routes in order to minimize our carbon footprints. In efforts to steer away from the ‘throw away’ mentality & invest in better quality which tends to be cost saving overtime. We take ‘Support Local’ seriously. Apart from helping our local economy and preserving culture, our focus here is on reducing air miles, shipping distances and therefore cutting down on levels of harmful carbon emissions. We ensure our practices are kind to both the planet and our people.

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Customer Care

We exist to help you create your personal home. A space that is unique as you are. Because when we express our true individuality, our lives become extraordinary. We’re ready to help you achieve that. In consultations at our showroom or over the phone, we collaborate with you to come up with a vision for the finished piece. Drop us a message & we will journey through your dream designs and turn them into a reality. Let us help you live extraordinarily.

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