A Sustainable Choice

We are more passionate, conscious and selective consumers than ever than the generation that came before. We pay attention to quality, craftsmanship and timeless designs in hopes that it will last for many years. We love clever and sustainable solutions, and it upsets us when resources go to waste. We are conscious consumers.

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The Way Forward

Our designs are made to order. This sustainable method helps us to optimise production capacities, usage of warehouse spaces and transportation routes in order to minimise our carbon footprints. In efforts to steer away from the ‘throw away’ mentality & invest in better quality which tends to be cost saving overtime.

Ethical Forestry
High quality woods such as solid oak, walnut and ash – natural, oiled or stained. As much as the importance we give to quality, we are also environment conscious
We ensure sustainable forestry and good working conditions, right from the raw wood to the final design you get in your home. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Made to order
Our designs are made to order. In efforts to steer away from the ‘throw away’ mentality & invest in better quality which tends to be cost saving overtime.

High Quality Fabrics

OEKO-TEX standard fabrics
We use fabrics that are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and produced without any harmful chemicals. The leathers we use are not only world’s finest, but also traceable, ensuring transparency and animal welfare.
Recycled ocean plastic fabric
This eco-friendly approach allows you to use our product with a sense of responsibility and good conscience. These revolutionary fabrics are produced under socially & environmentally safe conditions. 100% free from hazardous chemicals.

Sustainable partnerships

We take ‘Support Local’ seriously. Apart from helping our local economy and preserving culture, our focus here is on reducing air miles, shipping distances and therefore cutting down on levels of harmful carbon emissions. We ensure our practices are kind to both the planet and our people. We POETs  work actively with quality and sustainability. We invest in new, sustainable materials, just as we invest in new talents within our industry. Our ultimate goal is to give more than we take. That's why we work with certified materials, manufacturers and experts within sustainable development. If you are a supplier of high quality sustainable materials that can help us in our designs, kindly reach out to us!

With a solid 5 year warranty

Our furniture designs are custom-made to order, thus minimising the amount of waste products by being flexible and consistent in using our manufacturers' raw materials and components. This provides us with a solid, handmade quality, taking a stand against mass production and raw material waste. Our product guarantee is changing for the better, as we now offer a 5 year warranty on all POET standard items.

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A change for the better

We POETs  are optimists who believe that the world is slowly changing for the better and that it gives room for new possibilities. As the world changes, consumers also change, politicians change, and you and I change. Every day we become more insightful, making more conscious, greener and healthier choices. In POET we are always on a journey towards something better. We aren't perfect and we'll definitely make some mistakes along the way. But we are always ready to be honest, open-minded, positive and constantly learn and adapt.